The Benefits of Congestion Pricing

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At a recent TED Talk Jonas Eliasson spoke about how congestion pricing can prove to be a very effective method of reducing rush hour traffic. In Stockholm they instituted a congestion charge during rush hour of a very modest fee of 1-2 Euros, this according to Eliasson was enough to reduce the roadway capacity 20%. This reduced the congestion drastically and as a result effectively eliminated rush hour congestion for Stockholm. Public opinion of the charges went from most opposed to 70% of the residents of Stockholm supporting the congestion charge.

If stockholm can have such a successful reduction in congestion, and its negative impacts I wonder how long it will take Americans to embrace the idea at least on a trail basis. Imagine a congestion free rush hour in downtown Minneapolis… maybe someday it shall be possible.

If you have time I recommend that you watch the entire video it can be viewed here.

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