The Benefits of Congestion Pricing

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At a recent TED Talk Jonas Eliasson spoke about how congestion pricing can prove to be a very effective method of reducing rush hour traffic. In Stockholm they instituted a congestion charge during rush hour of a very modest fee of 1-2 Euros, this according to Eliasson was enough to reduce the roadway capacity 20%. […]

NYC Developing a Shipping Container Solution for Temporary Disaster Housing

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Sea Box Village Proposal (Sea Box) For the past five years, the Bloomberg administration has been quietly developing a first-of-its-kind disaster housing program, creating modular apartments uniquely designed for the challenges of urban living. Carved out of shipping containers, these LEGO-like, stack-able apartments offer all the amenities of home. Or more, since they are bigger, and brighter, […]

Minneapolis and Phoenix have Disturbingly Similar Ecologies.

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According to the New York Times Minneapolis and Phoenix have more in common with one another concerning plants than they do with the surrounding landscape. In the article Bloom Town  Maggie Koerth-Baker looks at several recent studies by the Cary Institute of Eco System Studies and the University of Minnesota and finds that urban environments tend […]

Gondolas as Mass Transit

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An article posted in the Atlantic Cities show’s a gondola network for Austin Texas. (Forget Subways, Austin Needs Gondolas) The two major advantages of this type of network according to the article are upstart cost, as well as the ability to add more gondolas as demand increases. The technology has been used in other cities, […]